I want to type about my trip to Guatemala and meeting many wonderful and friendly people. The experience was once in a life time working with Marilyn Chadwick, Harvey Lavoy, and Martha Herrmannsdörfer de Zaid. We made a great team. The presentation at Universidad Francisco Marroquín likely was eye opening for many people and we answered many questions from the audience with the translator working hard to translate my unique way of speaking. The following quote is from my presentation at the university:

 “Hola, good morning to all of you lovely people. We are so grateful to Martha for working the money to get us to your beautiful country. We are pleased to share our experiences as master trainers and looking to utterly full communication for all people. Let the show begin magical Marilyn.”

We also did a two day introductory workshop with a full room of families and professionals.  The training went well and I even taught some people how to support my pointing. I was able to share some of my thoughts on learning to communicate, working hard to regulate and stay focused:

“I was the high tone king and impulsive to the max, Harvey and I had many arm wrestling matches in the early days pulling him out of his chair ha ha.”

“I have taught Harvey well and now that I have a voice I regulate most of the time, have little anxiety, and have lost thirty pounds, likely due to a healthy diet and miles of walking. And of course the work I am doing has pushed me to this place.”

“I would say that I can speak to those issues from experience and am empathetic to others who do as well. I can say to them there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The other two days were spent doing assessments with me typing encouraging words and making a peaceful presence, working to make people feel comfortable. It was really amazing to connect with the families and type insightful messages of hope and peace:

 “It sounds like you want to move freely in your world and be like everyone else in your life.”

“That is so wonderful to hear it is my purpose in life to work with families to have hope and vision of a bright future.”

“I really love the Buddhist peaceful ways of thinking and moving in the world and only if people like Donald Trump thought that way the world would be better.”

“I have the last word Marilyn so here it is.  Likely you will go back to your lives and jobs looking to figure out a way to start, and you will say OMG what do I do? Martha is here to help and I plan to come back to move more people in the right direction.  So keep the faith, go slow, and breathe.”

After the work was done it was time to do some exploring and see what beautiful Guatemala had to offer.

I am the adventurer Tracy and would love to hike a volcano and move to a Spanish beat now that I have some time.”

The trip ended with a stay at Martha’s beautiful home in Antigua and climbing Pacaya Volcano; it was out of this world.

“I am so thankful for this trip Martha and Harvey.  Of course this would not have happened without the two of you, and Marilyn who would have thought we would be doing this work in the world.”

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