What We Do


  • Film screenings and post-film discussion.
  • Conference presentations including either keynote or break-out session presentations.
  • College and University events including film screenings, and small or large group presentations to students and faculty.
  • School presentations to students from the elementary through the high school level.
  • Trainings or workshops for professionals, families and individuals on specific topic areas including communication, advocacy and inclusion.


  • Share our personal experiences in gaining access to communication.
  • Give suggestions on how to support the communication of people who rely on augmentative/alternative communication.
  • Provide a picture of what inclusion can look like for both children and adults.
  • Offer suggestions to teachers and other professionals on how to include and teach students with autism in their schools.
  • Outline steps that individuals with disabilities can take to better advocate for themselves and others.
  • Offer suggestions on how support systems for people can foster opportunities for creative and intellectual growth.